Americans at Home


Gifts and Messages

(with apologies to Rahsaan Roland Kirk)

Doing projects involving volunteers can be frustrating. Trying to find the names of owners, writing letters, hoping for response. Not so much fun. But, when people do respond, their generosity and good will is overwhelming.

Richard showed me his collections. Friends and family have been telling him he should get rid of his stuff. But he likes doing it. He wanted me to have this Thomas Kinkade plate.

Bob, original owner, designer,tinkerer and loving husband to Minerva, pulled this barometer off the wall and gave it to me.

Phil spent all day with me, taking me to Lustrons, infroducing me to the owners.  We did a lot of talking including his love of classics and his study of Latin. I was the worst Latin III student my teacher had ever had but persevered. I do love the end of The Iliad - And so they buried Hector, breaker of horses.

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